Prior to the award of any contract in the amount of $10,000 or more, the apparent successful bidder shall submit, the following form.
*After June 2, paper copies will no longer be accepted.

CC-1 Form

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Mission Statement:

The Human Rights and Relations Department has two major responsibilities for the City of Omaha: Civil Rights Investigations and Enforcement Support Services, and Economic Equity and Inclusion and Program Administration.

The department is responsible for the investigation, elimination, and prevention of all forms of socioeconomic disparities and prohibited discrimination in the areas of housing, employment, public accommodation, and contracting based on race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, class or any other form of discrimination prescribed by ordinance or resolution.

Towards its goal of ensuring equal opportunity and equitable access to those opportunities for all citizens of the city, this department additionally oversees the operation of two appointed boards: the Human Rights and Relations Board and the Civil Rights Hearing Board, and one appointed council: the Economic Inclusion Council.

Goals and Objectives