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Economic Equity and Inclusion Plan (EEIP)


To provide a platform of stewardship and compliance utilizing principles of economic equity and inclusion through action to generate sustainable growth and opportunities in Omaha for our Small and Emerging Small Businesses (SEBs), our local workforce, and our youth. 


To create a culture of economic inclusivity in the City of Omaha that maximizes development in disadvantaged areas, to enhance job growth, to build collaborative community partnerships, and to sustain long-term success for community stakeholders.


To be a catalyst in creating a community culture of economic prosperity by growing inclusive community partnerships, promoting workforce development and training opportunities, and cultivating small business growth potential in areas of high unemployment and below median income areas of Omaha.


  • Partner with project owners and contractors to promote community-wide economic inclusion
  • Identify and support public-private partnerships to provide education, training and workforce development 
  • Increase access and opportunity to diverse and underrepresented populations
  • Increase youth outreach for education, training, and significant workforce opportunities in the City of Omaha
  • Serve as a catalyst for change and implementation of sustainable economic inclusion practices for all contracting and procurement activities within the City
  • Increase participation in Small and Emerging Business Program


  • Economic Inclusion Plan Components
  • SEB Participation
  • Workforce Inclusion
  • Youth Engagement
  • Implementation Protocols
  • Non-Compliance
  • Community Outreach and Stewardship
  • Reporting, Monitoring, Evaluation
  • Joint Ventures and Mentoring


You can find the EEIP and Quarterly Report Templates Below:
Please note that these are templates and are intended to be used as guidelines for the EEIP annual plan and EEIP quarterly update reports. These are not wholly inclusive or exclusive toward what a firm may choose to present regarding the three major components of the EEIP plan and the EEIP quarterly updating reports. 

Construction EEIP Template (DOCX)

Construction EEIP Template (PDF)

Construction EEIP Quarterly Report Template (DOCX)

Construction EEIP Quarterly Report Template (PDF)

Consultant EEIP Template (DOCX)

Consultant EEIP Template (PDF)

Consultant EEIP Quarterly Report Template (DOCX)

Consultant EEIP Quarterly Report Template (PDF)

For assistance, please contact the EEIP Program Administrator:
Jared Anderson
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.