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Goals & Objectives

  1. Actively accept and investigate charges of discrimination from the citizens of Omaha to eliminate prejudice from the Omaha community.

  2. Expand education, training and outreach opportunities related to civil rights in the areas of housing, employment, and public accommodations.

  3. Streamline reporting procedures and automate processes to redirect staff efforts toward more advanced, in-depth investigations and improved public awareness programs.

  4. Administer and manage the certification and compliance components of the Small and Emerging Small Business Program.

  5. Expand equal and equitable small business opportunities that promote greater access for small and disadvantaged businesses for bidding and/or awarded contracts/projects initiated by the City of Omaha.

  6. Actively engage and collaborate with community stakeholders and city departments for sustainable economic equity inclusion practices.

  7. Work with consulting and construction firms across the city on procuring economic equity and inclusion plan approval for contracting with the City of Omaha.

  8. Actively market the Human Rights and Relations Department; including advertising, marketing materials, education, outreach, and training in the following areas: anti-discrimination, affirmatively furthering fair housing, small and emerging small business, economic equity and inclusion, community advocacy, and employer and housing accountability.

  9. Provide technical assistance to city departments and organizations that ensures adherence to Title VI and ADA compliance responsibilities.

  10. Build collaborative community partnerships that enhance job growth in and for individuals of disadvantaged communities in Omaha.